Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vector Mapping

I did a vector map, which I swapped with Pine and her friends. This is her mapping :
Start at Unwind room -- Face South
  1. 8 steps facing east
  2. 16 steps facing north
  3. 4 steps facing west
  4. 15 steps facing south
  5. 3 steps facing east
  6. 16 steps north
  7. 4 steps west
  8. 14 steps south
  9. 40 steps east
  10. 64 steps west
The Answer is the Slope room

In my opinion, I think they have used some good tricks, but our group figured it all. However, both of us are happy with the results. It is a great game.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Light, Color, Filter activity

Lab activity on Light

First, we start by putting one filter on the torch.

Green light (With Brighter) 
Blue Light 
Red Light

Now, we try to add those colour together using the addition of light. 

We put the 2 filters on 2 flashlights and combine the light.
Blue and Red add together get Magenta.
Green and Yellow add together get Yellow.

Blue and Green add together get Cyan.

Next, we to add those color again, but now we use the light subtraction method.

Red and Green subtract and get yellow
Blue and Red subtract and get Magenta
Blue and Green subtract and get Cyan


There are 3 primary colors of light are red, green, and blue. Each of them have their own properties, which can create new colors when add or subtract to each other.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crystallization of Milk Lab

Crystallization of Milk Lab


  1. Put milk into a bag with some air in it.
  2. Put it in a bucket and cover it in ice.
  3. Put salts over the ice.
  4. Shake the bucket.
  5. If it is half-frozen, put cookies and jellies in.
  6. Continue shaking.
  7. Enjoy


From a liquid milk and some cookies turn into a delicious cup of ice cream by crystallization.


1). Why do we add salt to the ice?

Answer: The salts lower the freezing point of the water.
2). Why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly

Answer: Because those cookies are heat capacities so it will slow the process.
3). What are two factors that affect the freezing you think?

Answer: Amount of salt because it affects the freezing point and the amount of air in the bag. Why? Next question!
4). Why do you need a bit of air in the bag?

Answer: Because it needs space for all milk to touch the ice.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Skill Practice Continued

Apply it
Calculate the density of each of your mineral samples. How could you use the densities to identify the minerals?
If the density is the same, it would be the same minerals. If the density is different, it would be the different minerals.
Key Concept. Would density or color be more useful in identifying a particular mineral? Explain.
In my perspective, I think that both of it are useful but density is more useful. The reason is it is more accurate because it used the same ratio even if how big or how heavy it is. Also, one mineral can be more than one color.

Volume, Mass and Density Rock Lab

Sample No.
Weight (Grams)
Volume (mL)
Density (g/mL)
About 2.732
About 3.067
About 0.836364
About 2.490
About 2.3148148
About 1.176
About 2.572
In our class, Kru Gary taught us about density. We measure the mass regularly. We measure the volume using the Archimedes's way of doing this by measure the volume of the water that can fit a rock inside it and then we put the rock inside of it until it reached some point. After that, we measure the excess using the graduated cylinder and the other part using the beaker. Then, you calculate the difference of the with rock volume and without rock volume. This way of measuring a volume is called Measuring Volume by Displacement. Finally, you calculate the density by divide the mass by the volume and the result is in the chart up there. 🔝

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Impact of the society on the environment.

Nowadays, there are lots of problems in the environment which mostly link to the main problem which is Global warming. As the time passed, technologies, innovations and human's wisdom also move forward too but every revolution brings chaos to which is harms that society gives to the environment.

In this post, I'll be talking about 3 things that affect the environment that is related to the society which is Acid Rain, Nuclear, and Oil Spills. 

Acid Rain
What is acid rain? Acid rain happens when water in the cloud does some chemical reaction with some gases for examples Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which creates weak acid, Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), which create strong acid rain. When these gases do some chemical reaction with water in the cloud, the water becomes acid such as H2CO3, H2SO3, and H2NO2. When the acid rain come to the land, it will erode lots of things which some objects can produce gas and repeat this process such as limestone or Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). So, that's mean it is a natural process from the beginning so why it's related to Society and cause problems in the environment in the present?
How it is related to the society? As you see, now industrial revolutions cause lots of changes to our society today including making hard works easier such as producing products by using factories. Factories nowadays produce gases which most of them create more greenhouse effect and Acid Rain. 
How it affect the environment? What is the harm of it? It creates 4 harms to the environment which is

  1. Rocks and building were eroded because of the acid.
  2. Water becomes acidic so the marine animals and plants died.
  3. Soil becomes acidic.
  4. Acid damage the tree and the ecosystem.
Image result for acid rainImage result for acid rain
Nuclear Power
What is Nuclear Power? After an atomic bomb in the WWII in 1930-1940, Nuclear energy promise to be a peaceful technology to help the world get back on its feet. Some companies don't want to use nuclear energy because of its cost, its risk and its complicated structure which is turning physics into engineering and easy to do on paper but not in real life. Some companies want to use nuclear because it's a new technology which can make enormously cheap electricity, be independent of oils and gas import, and in some cases creating nuclear weapons.
How it is related to the society? Nuclear energy is new technology that maybe solve the problem of global warming which isn't that bad compares to other things I'll be talking in this post. The good things about the nuclear energy that affect the society which will be mostly on replacing fossil fuels.

  1. It saves lives more than harms lives. A study conducted by NASA found that nuclear power has prevented about 1.8 million deaths between 1976 and 2009. Even if you include deaths from Fukushima and Chernobyl, it still ranks last in deaths rate of every type of energies. Some people might say about harms on the nuclear waste but it can be put somewhere that is safe for examples under the ground. This is bad but thinks of the gases factories around the world release into the atmosphere, that is worse
  2. It reduces CO2, which can create more greenhouse effect and create more global warming. Since 1976, 64 Gilotans of CO2 have not been pumped out because people start to use new technologies especially Nuclear energy. Nuclear energy might be the only way to solve this because a use of coal is hard to stop due to its cost, abundance, and it's easy to get. Also, we can also use nuclear energy for not really long to solve the problems of climate change that is happening now in our society but we can end this after the problem is solved.
  3. New Technology. Maybe new technology will solve the problem of nuclear waste and dangerous of power plants. Our modern nuclear plant technologies are mostly outdated technology because it was stopped in 1970. There are also models like the thorium reactor that could solve the problem. Thorium is abundant and hard to turn to nuclear power but its waste is dangerous for only about several hundred years which is a small amount compared to a couple of thousands of years and it can also create lots of energy. 1 tonne of thorium creates the same amount of energy as 200 tonnes of uranium and 3.5 millions tonnes of coals. 
So why not we should continue doing researches on this. It might be challenging but moonshot thinking never stops us before. This is some ideas for the Pro side. Next is some information for the Con side.
How it affect the environment? What is the harm of it?
  1. Nuclear technology made a violent entrance onto the world stage. Just one year after the first-ever nuclear test explosion in 1944, two large cities was bombed using only 2 bombs. So, using nuclear energy for electricity will always link to nuclear weapons because as we see, in 40 years 5 countries developed their own nuclear weapons with the help of nuclear reactor which includes Israel, South Africa, India, Pakistan and North Korea. If countries bomb each other using nuclear weapons it will be harmed to other country and the environment of the world.
  2. Nuclear waste and pollution. Not only radioactive but these wastes are mostly extremely poisonous for example plutonium. Even if it can do a process called reprocessing, it still can kill you or create nuclear weapons. We can't find a place that can keep it tens of thousands of years which only 1 country from more than 30 countries that have nuclear reactor is serious about opening a permanent civilian waste storage, tiny Finland. This caused harm to the environment because sometimes nuclear wastes harm the ecosystems and lives of organisms that live in that environment, for example, put it into the sea will harm the ecosystem in the ocean.
  3. Accidents and Disasters. Over 60 years of nuclear power usage there were 7 major accidents in nuclear power usage and nuclear wastes. 3 of them were mostly contained but other 4 released significant amounts of radioactivity into the Environment. So, are the 10% of global energy worth for every 30 years of disaster? Or another Fukushima or Chernobyl somewhere on Earth every 10 years? 
This is some ideas for the Con side. As I said it is not like other 2 topics I'll be talking today so it is your own opinion to think that should we continue using and researching on nuclear power.
Image result for nuclear power plantImage result for nuclear waste
Image result for nuclear weaponsImage result for nuclear weapons
Oil Spills
What are Oil Spills? Oil spills are the release of petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially in the marine areas, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution. The term usually applied to marine oil spills, where oil is released into the ocean or coastal waters, but spills may also occur on land. If you still can't imagine what is oil spills, think of the movie Deepwater Horizon because it was inspired by an oil spills event in the history in a Gulf near Mexico.
How it is related to the society? The main harm of oil is more greenhouse gases and global warming but the problem like oil spills can create harms to society and environment too. Someone who works or live near the Gulf or the coast of the ocean that have oils might be harm from oil that is released for example fire and pollution which make the water got Toxic (Toxic will only occur in some types of oils but it still harmful). 
How it affect the environment? What is the harm of it? As we see, lots of marine and land animals are harmed by oil. The oil is poisonous to marine animals and plants. The oil is also sticky and float so it would harm lots of marine life especially plants or animals that live on the surface such as seabirds and sea otters.
Image result for oil spill\      Image result for oil spill\Image result for oil spill\
These problems are just a parts of problems of the environment and our society today. So help the world to be the better place to live because it is not a duty of group of people like the Avenger to fight big problems but it is our duty as the world to fight against these problems. Thank you for your attention to my article.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


My Essay

By Sonson

First year at Panyarat High School

In my first year, I'm very impressed with this school. This school find and support what you like or your talents such as debating, math and science competition and public speaking. I have fun being in this school. I'm confusing about rather I will go to KVIS or PHS in high school.

Kru Gary Class

Kru Gary, our science and debate coach. Actually, more than that. The first thing I want to say is to thank you for being part of my life and take my life to lots of new things such as debate and world scholar's cup. You will be in our heart for forever. :) 

What I'll do next year

What I'll do next year is use the experience I made this year to improve myself and choose what competition I'll compete so I have fewer things to concentrate so I can do things better than this year.