Global warming

  1. Cause : Global warming cause by too much green house effect in the atmosphere which occur by green house gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water vapor. Green house effect is good because it support life but too much green house effect cause Global warming.Image result for green house effect 
  2. Effect : Effect from global warming is the Earth has to much heat so it cause some effect such as ice berg was melt, most of the country have some changes in climate.Image result for climate change
  3. Cure : We can all together stop this by make less green house gases such as decrease the amount of animal that produce lots of carbon footprint's meat, travel by bicycle, BTS, MRT, bus or go together in 1 car. There is also lots of way to save the world from this monster which we, human, just give them food to destroy the world but we can fight this monster by make less greenhouse gases and reduce reuse recycle your waste or this monster will make the end of this blue planet. Image result for climate change


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