My Essay

By Sonson

First year at Panyarat High School

In my first year, I'm very impressed with this school. This school find and support what you like or your talents such as debating, math and science competition and public speaking. I have fun being in this school. I'm confusing about rather I will go to KVIS or PHS in high school.

Kru Gary Class

Kru Gary, our science and debate coach. Actually, more than that. The first thing I want to say is to thank you for being part of my life and take my life to lots of new things such as debate and world scholar's cup. You will be in our heart for forever. :) 

What I'll do next year

What I'll do next year is use the experience I made this year to improve myself and choose what competition I'll compete so I have fewer things to concentrate so I can do things better than this year.


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